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​     Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture​​

To achieve your dream, we are happy to work with your Architect and Landscape Design Team ​​

It takes a village to alter the size of the sculpture.

The original wax sculpture is computer scanned, then carved accurately by machine, to any scale, smaller or larger. 

The fine detail is re-sculpted by Anne to maintain the highest possible standards.  Highly skilled Artisans then complete the process of moulding and casting.

Artist's renderings

We with the help of our Bronze Foundry have the ability to enlarge our sculptures to any size,  the enlargements are re-sculpted by Anne before they are moulded and cast, maintaining our reputation for highly detailed quality Bronze Sculptures. 

The Prancing Horse Sculpture, either in black or silver, will be sure to enhance any Home, Office, Showroom or Entrance way.

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